The Tom Brusky Band is versatile polka-variety ensemble comprised of talented, award-winning musicians:

We are an authentic, third-generation polka band from Milwaukee, carrying on the music of the great bands from the past. We can rile up a crowd with all the beer hall favorites like Roll Out the Barrel and Who Stole the Kishka, and strike sentimental chords with classic waltzes such as Waltz Across Texas and The Blue Skirt Waltz, but we actually boast a repertoire of over three-hunded polkas and waltzes. We are firmly established in Wisconsin's polka music circuit, and are regularly hired for weddings, Oktoberfests, festivals, fairs, and more.

Our repertoire outside of the polka genre consists of over two-hunded popular standards, foxtrots, two-steps, rhumbas, cha-chas, swing, classic country, and Christmas songs. Our variety music features such familiar classics as Sentimental Journey, My Happiness, and In the Mood. Even though we are a genuine polka band, we are often hired by dance clubs for our variety music alone. But it is our combined repertoire of polkas, waltzes, and variety music that makes us the premier band in town for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and so much more.

We play regularly throughout our home territory of Southern Wisconsin, and travel abroad to wherever our music is desired. We've
entertained crowds from ten to a thousand, which have included everyone from next door neighbors to United States presidents.
We tailor the size, volume, and repertoire of our band to suit all occasions and budgets, from intimate gatherings to outdoor music festivals:

    Two-Piece Band
      * Literally sounds like a three-piece band

      * Perfect for when quality music is needed for a smaller party, or when the entertainment budget is tight
Three-Piece Band

      * Our standard band configuration for most occasions
Four-Piece Band

      * For when your event requires the very best musicianship to provide an unsurpassable experience in polka-variety entertainment
      * Ideal for festivals, corporate events, and larger private parties desiring an authentic, Milwaukee polka experience
Sample Our Live Sound
To present to you the full breadth of our band's sound, we went into the recording studio and cut roughly thirty minutes of high-quality live music tracks. What you hear in these demos is what we bring to our live performances, playing our repertoire of polkas and variety music. We recorded these tracks using the same instruments and equipment we use on stage. The audio was then processed and mixed the same as a typical studio-recorded CD. Enjoy!



I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I reside today. I grew up in a household full of highly-accomplished musicians, including a church organist, jazz bassists, and a heavy metal drummer. I started playing the piano when I was just tall enough to see over the keyboard, received my first drum set when I was ten years old, started taking tuba lessons in the 4th grade, picked up the bass guitar in the 7th grade, and somewhere in the middle of all that, I began playing the accordion.
I officially started my musical career at age eleven, occasionally playing drums with a dixieland band. In 1986 at the age of sixteen, I joined my first polka band, and remained with them for twenty years. During that time, I also became involved with several other bands in the Milwaukee area. In the late 1990's, I started up my own polka-variety band. Today, besides running my band, I occasionally help out other bands as a sideman, whether it's playing drums, accordion, keyboard, or bass guitar.

I am the proprietor of business called Polkasound Productions which provides professional audio and graphic design services exclusively to polka musicians. Polkasound Productions started in 1990 as a four-track recording studio and has since grown into a digital audio workstation-based studio.
When I'm not performing or recording music, you'll likely find me on the tennis courts. I've been an avid tennis player since 2011. I also enjoy spoiling my cats. [See a video tribute to Kittling, 1992-2009]







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