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Contact Us For a Quote

If you are interested in hiring the Tom Brusky Band for your event, please contact me (Tom Brusky) with some information about the event, specifically the date, location, and approximate time or number of hours you'd like us to perform. I'll check our availability and provide you with some price quotes.

Phone: (414) 546-3650. Due to my busy schedule, email is usually the fastest and most convenient way to reach me. I welcome phone calls, but they can sometimes take me up to a few days to return during normal business hours, since the music business is anything but normal. Thank you for your patience.

Tom Brusky Band
4055 S. 103rd Street
Milwaukee, WI  53228-2005


Latest Phone Number Change - January 2016

The general public may continue to contact me at my business voicemail: (414) 546-3650. Family, friends, fellow musicians, and tennis players should note the following change:
  • As of January, 2016, my "688-XXXX" mobile phone number is no longer in service. Please delete it from your directory. My 640-XXXX mobile number, which I've had since 1998, is now open to receiving both voice calls and texts.


How large of a band does our party need?
The size of your party and the limit of your entertainment budget are usually the two main factors that will determine how large our band should be. Our default band size for most private parties (anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, etc.) is three pieces, however, smaller parties often hire us at two pieces while larger parties may hire us at four pieces. If you're not sure how large of a band your party needs, I'll offer some suggestions and provide you with several price options.

What instrumentation is in your band?
The first two pieces in our band are always accordion and drums. Since the accordion has digital electronics installed, our two-piece band literally provides the sound of a three-piece band. From there we will add either guitar/banjo or a second (fill) accordion. In some cases we may add a sax/flute player or a bass guitarist. The instrumentation we add to our band will mostly depend on the nature of the event.

Is your band Polish or German?
A very common misconception is that, since we play polka music, we must either be Polish or German. The truth is that polka music is neither. Polka music was born in Bohemia in the 1800's. Over the years, various forms of polka music developed and flourished in the United States, which include Polish styles, Dutchmen styles, Slovenian styles, and several other styles. Our sound is an American-Slovenian style, also known as the "Cleveland-Style", which is popular throughout the polka belt extending from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin.

Do you offer solo accordion performances?
Sorry, this is not a service I provide. The difference in the type of entertainment delivered by an amplified band versus a solo, acoustic accordionist is significant. It is impossible to fill the entertainment role of a traditional band without the accompanying bass, rhythm, and amplification that only a band configuration can provide. If the cost of our two-piece band is more than what you wish to spend for your party's entertainment, I will be glad to recommend musicians who can provide less expensive entertainment options.

For how many hours should we hire you?
Live music for most private parties typically runs from about 90 minutes up to four hours, with the majority being two or three hours. We will perform for as long or short of a performance as you need and adjust our rate quotes accordingly, whether you need us to play for three minutes, three hours, or three days.

How far in advance should we hire you?
Like most bands, we book on a "first come - first serve" basis. Last-minute inquiries are always welcome, but booking as far in advance as possible is always recommended.

How do your prices compare?
As one of the Midwest's top Cleveland-style polka/variety bands, we pride ourselves in providing quality entertainment at prices that are very competitive for a band of our caliber. Our prices are gauranteed to be fair, always.

Do you play any modern or mainstream music?
No, that's simply not the kind of band we are. When our guitarist is in the band, we can touch on rock 'n' roll from the 50's and 60's, but that is admittedly not our specialty. The bulk of our variety music is comprised of standards, light pop, classic country, and ballroom favorites from the 1930's through the 1970's — songs that your parents and grandparents remember fondly. This is what has made us the premier band in town not just for polka dances and festivals, but for events like 50th anniversaries and senior citizens' birthday parties. If you would like more modern genres of music played at your party, feel free to bring your CD or MP3 player. We'll patch it into our sound system to play during our breaks.

How long does it take you to set up?
It takes us anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour to set up depending on the size of our sound system.

Do you travel?
Have trailer – will travel! As both a bandleader and sideman, I've enjoyed playing all over the country from as far east as Pennsylvania and Florida to as far west as Arizona and Colorado. The Tom Brusky Band will perform anywhere within the contiguous 48 states.

Why don't you advertise your awards?
Although my band members and I are grateful to be recipients of multiple awards, music awards for which large memberships vote (Grammys, WAMIs, halls of fame, etc.) tend to recognize popularity over talent [see my News section's "Nominations" article]. Any polka band, regardless of their level of talent, can win music awards if they make it their mission to win them. That's not our goal. We support award organizations, but we don't ask for votes, nor do we even vote for ourselves. We prefer that you hire us strictly based on the quality of our music — not the quantity of bullets on our resume.
Are you loud?
This is a known problem with many bands, but not with us. At private parties, our job is to provide music for dancing and listening enjoyment – not for causing ear strain. We can literally play polka music as quietly as a small jazz combo when desired, which is what we are often called upon to do for cocktail receptions and dinners. We have several sets of amplifiers and speakers from which to choose, and will bring a sound system that is volume-approriate for the event and venue. For small parties, we have a custom-built, ultra-compact PA system. For outdoor concerts, we have one of the best-sounding, bi-amplified, multi-thousand-watt, full-range PA systems of any polka band around. For everything else in between, we'll configure the perfect sound system. When you hire us for your event, YOU have the final say over our volume, not us. If our volume seems too high or too low, please let us know and we will gladly adjust it.

Do you require a deposit?
For some private parties, especially those on Friday or Saturday nights, a band may require a deposit. A deposit is a portion of the band's fee paid in advance, which is a standard practice in the entertainment industry. When you hire a band to play for your party, the band will likely receive offers to play for other parties on that particular day, but, of course, will have to turn them down since they are already committed to your party. If you cancel your party, the band will not only lose the income from your party, but also the income they would have received from any one of the other offers they've had to turn down. The purpose of a deposit is to ensure that a late cancellation does not leave working musicians entirely without income. We may request a deposit for some private parties. If you cancel your event, your deposit will be fully refundable, partially refundable, or non-refundable depending on how late you make the cancellation.

Are there any official videos of your band available?
Not yet. I do plan on taking and posting some band videos on YouTube in the near future, but there are no official band videos available as of yet. (There is an old video of me on YouTube playing Rosamunde, but it is from a 1990's jam session with various musicians in Florida and in no way exemplifies the sound or musicianship of my band.)

Why can't I find you on Facebook?
I was on Facebook from 2008 to 2011, but after becoming increasingly frustrated with Facebook's underhanded tactics, I quit. Facebook uses deceitful methods to trick their users into thinking they have more privacy than they actually do, and they filter content as they see fit. I find both practices to be unethical, and therefore refuse to patronize the service. There is a "community page" about me on Facebook, but it was automatically generated from information found on Wikipedia. I am not affiliated with that page in any way.

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