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7/14/19 - My latest single, Emergency, has received over 8,400 streams on Spotify since its release in April.

7/3/19 -
With my knees not being able to hold out on the court anymore, my tennis for the year has come to an end. I need to take it easy so that I can get through the summer festival and Oktoberfest seasons without any problems. When my schedule slows down in November, I'll consult a doctor to find out what the problem is.

6/17/19 -
Snickers is now on medication for hyperthyroidism. It's a medication that he'll need to be on for the rest of his life, so as an alternative, I am looking into radioactive iodine therapy, which is a one-time treatment. His vet bills for the year so far total more than $3,100. The radioactive iodine treatment would kick that number up to $5,000. Snickers is one expensive cat!


Thu. 18
Concert - Rotary Park, Jefferson, WI
Wed. 31
Concert - Deacon Mills Park, Green Lake, WI

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