Kerler House

Presented to Jan Brusky
Christmas, 2016

Far removed from the main streets, tucked away among the billowing oak and maple trees of a quintessential suburban neighborhood, a stately residence stands quietly in repose, reflecting on the days of horse-drawn wagons and kerosene lamps.
For the first fifty years of its existence, the three-story house located at 4055 S. 103rd Street in Greenfield, Wisconsin loomed over hundreds of acres of sprawling, prosperous farmland. Eventually the barns were razed, roads were constructed, and countless new homes encroached from every direction as the crops and fields were replaced by a burgeoning subdivision. From then on, the house served as a suburban residence, but one whose many treasured rooms continued to beget generations of endearing memories.

This project was created to provide an informative and entertaining historical account of this venerable house, from its builder and first residents to its current resident, my mom. I hope you enjoy it.

Tom Brusky

© 2016, Tom Brusky