Memorial Fundraiser 

On November 4th, 2009, I lost my little girl of seventeen years, Kittling, to chronic renal failure. A few weeks later on what would have been Kittling's 17th birthday, my mom and I each donated fifty dollars to a local cat adoption rescue in West Allis, WI, in honor of Kittling's memory.

After learning of what my mom and I did, several friends and co-workers expressed an interest in contributing additional donations, so the following year I started the annual Kittling Brusky Memorial Fundraiser. To date, $1,487.00 has been raised for local cat rescues.
From November 4th to December 20th, 2014, the Kittling Brusky Memorial Fundraiser will be accepting donations to benefit the homeless cats and kittens at two local, non-profit cat rescues: Cat Network and New Life Cat Rescue, both of West Allis, WI. These facilities rely on donations to help cover their expenses of rent, food, utility bills, supplies, and veterinary care. After the fundraiser period is ended, the total amount raised is divided equally between the two shelters.

This is our fifth and final year for the fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $513.00.  Please consider making a donation now through December 20th.
Thank you!

Tom Brusky


      Time remaining to donate:

Make your check out to "Tom Brusky" and mail to:

    Tom Brusky
    4055 S. 103rd Street
    Greenfield, WI  53228-2005
In the memo area of the check, please note that the check is a donation for this fundraiser.  Yo
ur donation will be listed on this web page, so please also include the name(s) of any cat(s) in whose name you're making your donation.

Your payment will be sent to me, via PayPal, at 
Your donation will be listed on this web page, so please email me the name(s) of any cat(s) in whose name you're making your donation.

Come see me at any of my upcoming music performances.  I will gladly accept your donation in person.

Amount raised so far: $407.00
Fundraiser goal: $513.00
Beneficiaries: New Life Cat Rescue and Cat Network, West Allis, WI

Jodi Breault, Jan Brusky, Tom Brusky, Jana Randich
SPONSORS ($20-$49)
Sue Borowski, Bob & Carol Butt, Carolee & Stacey Miller, Brian Seehafer, Richard Sobczak
PATRONS ($10-$19)
Jeff Winard, Cindy Seefeldt, Pam Koehn
FRIENDS ($1-$9)
JoAnn & Roger Bremer, Charlie & Pat Fabian, Gene & Ellen, Ethel & Lenny Kochnowicz, Don & Joyce Sikora, Ron & Joanne Vandenboom
Donations have been made in memory of:
Angel, Bandit, Brandy, Duke, Freddy, Kittling, Krazy Kat, Lassie, Little Black Kitten, Meeshoe, Mittens, Pixie, Precious, Rusty, Solomon, Taz


When: Friday, December 19th, 2014 - 8:00PM to 11:00PM
Where: Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall, 37th & Burnham, Milwaukee, WI
Music by the Tom Brusky Polka-Variety Band

Please join us for a night of polkas and dancing at one of Milwaukee's most iconic live music institutions.  Admission is free, but a donation to the fundraiser, obviously, is encouraged.  John Gostomski (drums) and Dan Tutsch (banjo, guitar, vocals) along with yours truly will be donating our time and talents, and Andy Kochanski will be donating the hall.  Please stop out on December 19th!


Amount Raised: $425.00
Beneficiaries: New Life Cat Rescue and Cat Network, West Allis, WI

Jan Brusky, Tom Brusky
SPONSORS ($20-$49)
Mark & Julie Wenzlaff, Bob & Carol Butt, John Brusky, Bill Schauder & Sherry Huiras, Jerry Herrmann, Kathy Zamejc Vogt
PATRONS ($10-$19)
Scott & Pam Koehn, Erin Smith, Don & Carol Held, John Gostomski, Richard & Sherry, Ron & Joanne Vandenboom, Sue Borowski
FRIENDS ($1-$9)
Bill & Hazel Schend, Gerhardt & Helen Schattner, Grant & Donna Fuhrman,
Tony Lamping, Rose Harvey, Betty Gomez, Rose Harvey, Manfred Tatzka & Carolyn Fuchs, Don & Mary, George Schram, Robert Luedtke, John Wickland, Don & Joyce Sikora, JoAnn & Roger Bremer, Lenny & Ethel Kochnowicz, Mike & Nita, Gene & Ellen, Irene Bonnert, Jerry H. & Arlene H., Geri Harris, Evangelina Greenberg, Lisa Hare, various anonymous donors
Al & Carol Perkins, various anonymous donors
* When making a donation in person, sometimes a donor neglects to write the amount of their donation on the donation slip.  Their donation then gets mixed in with all of the anonymous donations in the basket.
Donations have been made in memory of:
Ally, Angel, Blondie, Bootsie, Buffy, Ellis, Fuzz, Ginger, Joey's cat, Kittling, Little Black Kitten, Meeshoo, Melek, Mitzi, Mr. Bill, Muffin, "My daughter's eight cats", O.J., Packer, Sharon, Spooky, Sweety, Tuppy, Willie

Amount Raised: $400.00
Beneficiary: New Life Cat Rescue, West Allis, WI

Jan Brusky, Tom Brusky
SPONSORS ($20-$49)
Ron Brusky, Robert & Carol Butt, Kathy McGarry, Agatha Ulrich
PATRONS ($10-$19)
Sue Borowski, Tom & Lisa Hare, Don & Carol Held, Jana Novak
Ron & Joanne Vandenboom, Jeff Winard
FRIENDS ($1-$9)
Cindy Seefeldt, Irene Bonnert, Don & Joyce Sikora, Betty & Bill, Mike Boldezar & Nita, Mary Ann Josephson, ? Garvin?, Roth, Tony, Phillip Duerr and Frank Szymanski, Charlie & Pat Fabian, Gene B., Ellen, Helen, Don, Joyce Varga, Adeline Race, Lenny & Ethel Kochnowicz, Al Rudy, Larry & Debbie Cardassi, Joe, John Kennedy and Geri Anderson, Charlie Meyer, Bob Bellows, JoAnn & Roger Brehemer, Rick Miller, Jerry Miller, Bill Schultz, Roger & Edith Adelmeyer, Bill & Hazel Schend, Richard Sobczak, Stephanie Schultheiss, Gary Hendrickson, Maureen O'Connor, Steve Meisner, anonymous donors
Donations have been made in memory of:
Brandy, CrazyKat, Digger, Fritz the Cat, Fuzz, Junior, Ki-Ki, Kittling, Little Black Kitten, Louie, Meshoe, Packer, Pixie, Rusty, Simon, Smokey, Snowball, Tiger

Amount Raised: $362.00
Beneficiary: Cat Network, West Allis, WI

Jodi Breault ($100), Jan Brusky, Tom Brusky
SPONSORS ($20-$49)
Robert & Carol Butt, Don & Carol Held
PATRONS ($10-$19)
John Brusky, Cindy Seefeldt, Ron & Joanne Vandenboom, Jana Novak
FRIENDS ($1-$9)
Richard & Marlene Sobczak, Tony Lamping, Arline Treuer, Edward Weide, Frank Fuetterer, Dan Gawronski, Mary Gingril & Don Brye, Al Rudy, Carolee Miller, Mary Dawn Koss & Saima Kollentz, Bill Skibinski, Leona Senkowski, Bill Schultz, Lenny & Ethel Kochnowicz, JoAnn Brehemer, John Soba, Larry & Debbie Cardassi, Steve Meisner, Gil Melendez, Roger and Edith Adelmeyer, Everett Gordee, Doris & Jean St. Louis, Helen Guszkowski, Dick Blaha, Maureen O'Connor, various anonymous donors
Donations have been made in memory of:
Bandit, Big Boy, Freckles, Freddy, Gordy, Kittling, Little Black Kitten, Little Girl,
Ms. Emma, Packer, Roger Jr., Sassy, Spookie, Stripes, Taz, Whispers, Wiley

Amount Raised: $200.00
Beneficiary: Cat Network, West Allis, WI

Jan Brusky, Tom Brusky, Michelle Genrich, Jerry Halkoski, Mark Wenzlaff, Arl Brooks, Don & Carol Held, Walter Unglaub, Jana Novak, Don & Joyce Sikora, Bill Skibinski, Lee & Addie, Richard Sobszak, Ron Vandenboom, various anonymous donors

Amount Donated: $100.00
ciary: Cat Network, West Allis, WI