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 "The Holidays In Music"  (PP5038)

Released: August 10, 2016
Produced and performed by
: Tom Brusky
Emma Bee, Abby Broeniman, Steve Brunton, Mollie Busta, Jayme Dawicki,
     Mark Demmin II, Ryan Meagher, Matt Newton, and Gabriel Riccio
Length: 46 minutes

This latest studio recording by Tom Brusky is an emotionally-charged, uplifting, musical journey through our country's most celebrated holidays. Each holiday is represented by its own song.

You all know Tom as a polka musician, but his musical interests cover a much wider spectrum. Tom stepped farther outside of his Polka roots than ever before to create a unique collection of authentic music spanning multiple genres.

The Holidays in Music is nothing like your typical band album, where all of the songs conform to one genre of music, and the same four or five people play and sing all the parts. For this CD, Tom performed and produced all of the music himself and spent a great deal of time seeking out and hiring the most qualified, professional vocalists to give each of his songs the sound he was looking for. In addition to the diversity of genres and incredible vocal performances, two other integral parts of this CD are the songwriting and arranging — brand new songs as well as fresh, unique arrangements of old songs are showcased.

This CD, which took an estimated 370 hours to produce, is Tom Brusky's most extensive (and expensive) studio project released to date. After ten months of writing, composing, arranging, and recording, Tom Brusky proudly presents The Holidays In Music!
NEW YEAR'S DAY - New Year's Kiss (1940's-Style Ballad)
This original song by Tom Brusky was arranged in the style of a 1940's-era ballad, complete with a lush string ensemble and a vocalist who croons in the vintage style of the era. Many lounge, opera, and Big Band singers answered the call, but Tom didn't find the nostalgic vocal sound he was looking for until he came across Mark Demmin II (Naperville, IL). To hear anyone deliver a ballad as exquisitely and proficiently as Mark, you'd have to go back in time at least seventy years.

VALENTINE'S DAY - Oh Promise Me (1980's-Style Ballad)
Oh Promise Me was written in 1887, but the song takes on new life as Tom advances it one-hundred years with an arrangement that gives it an iconic, 1980's sound. Finding the right vocalist was critical to the success of this arrangement, because many singers today have an edgy, contemporary tone which isn't the best fit for an 80's-style pop ballad. After more than a month of auditioning vocalists, Tom heard a sample of Gabriel Riccio (Chicago, IL) singing, loved the retro vibe, and hired him on the spot. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be transported back to a Valentine's Day some thirty years ago.

ST. PATRICK'S DAY - The Maid Behind the Bar (Irish Folk Song)
What makes traditional folk music so appealing, regardless of the nationality, is that it is often just as upbeat and uplifting as American polka music. In a Dublin pub, surely nothing gets one's foot tapping like a peppy Irish reel. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Tom chose this classic folk song and arranged it with a blend of contemporary and traditional instruments, including the bodhrán, uilleann pipes, and tin whistle.

EASTER - One Day (Volksmusik Waltz)
Volksmusik from Europe's Alpine regions is one of the most joyful sounds on Earth, and that makes it a perfect fit for the celebration of Easter. Tom arranged this traditional Easter hymn with a sound reminiscent of Slavko Avsenik's Oberkrainer style. The song's four-part vocal harmony is led by two of the Polka genre's most talented, young singers: Abby Broeniman (Hortonville, WI) and Mollie Busta (Ridgeville Corners, OH).

MOTHER'S DAY - For All You've Done for Us (Bluegrass)
Like Polka music, Bluegrass music has always shared that cheerful quality that instantly makes people feel good when they hear it. Tom wrote and composed this song to honor all mothers on their special day. Sung in perfect Bluegrass-style harmony by Emma Bee (Madison, WI), Matt Newton (Nashville, TN), and Ryan Meagher (Milwaukee, WI), this song is all about the gratitude felt by three grown children for their mother's wisdom, patience, and determination over the years.

MEMORIAL DAY - Tribute to the Fallen (Choir, Orchestra & Brass)
his emotional piece arranged for boys' choir, orchestra, and brass quintet is dedicated to the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in the defense of our freedom. It starts with Tom's original composition, "Finest Hour", as an ode to the bravery with which they fought and died. A handbell and choral performance of "America the Beautiful" follows in tribute to the land they so gallantly defended. The song concludes with a solemn rendition of "Taps" to bid our country's heroes a peaceful, eternal rest.

FATHER'S DAY - The Love of a Father (Contemporary Folk Ballad)
Tom wrote this sentimental song all about a father's love for his daughter. The song is sung from the perspective of the daughter as she fondly reflects on her childhood. Tom's moving arrangement layers traditional folk instruments over an upright piano, but what will propel this song directly to your heart is the delicate, intimate vocal delivery of Jayme Dawicki (New Berlin, WI). Once a student at the grade school where Tom's father, Jim, was the principal, Jayme grew up to achieve national recognition as a singer/songwriter.

INDEPENDENCE DAY - Hail to the Spirit of Liberty (Symphonic Band March)
Perhaps no song is more associated with the 4th of July than John Philip Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever, but it certainly wasn't his only patriotic song. Tom chose this more obscure but equally inspiring Sousa march to amplify your American pride in celebration of our country's founding.

HALLOWEEN - Halloween Rag Medley (Spooky, Swingin' Ragtime)
Is it a horror movie soundtrack? Is it sinister theater music? Is it piano ragtime? Is it polka band ragtime? Is it swinging jazz? The answer is yes — all of the above! Based around two Ragtime Halloween songs, Harem Scarem Rag and The Greenwich Witch, this compilation arrangement of music by Tom Brusky is as incongruent and bizarre as it is musically entertaining. Happy Halloween! Muahahahahaha!

VETERAN'S DAY - Armed Forces Polka Medley (Cleveland-Style Polka)
To honor all those who have served our country, Tom arranged four military service songs into an instrumental Cleveland-style polka medley. Our veterans are our greatest national treasure. All polka bands are encouraged to take time out of their busy schedules every now and then to provide live music at veterans homes in their area.

THANKSGIVING - Gratitude (Big Band)
The lyrics for this song are adapted
from two poems written by Edgar A. Guest cir. 1917: Gratitude and Thanksgiving. Tom composed the music and arranged it for Big Band. Swingin' the vocal is one of Milwaukee's most unique gems in the entertainment circuit — "Diamond Steve" Brunton from the Brewhaus Polka Kings.

CHRISTMAS - O Holy Night (Contemporary Orchestral Carol)
One of the most iconic and beautiful Christmas songs of all time, O Holy Night is also one of the most challenging songs for even the most professional of vocalists due to its extended range and dynamics. For this song, Tom drove to Nashville, Tennessee to capture the incomparable talent of Matt Newton. Matt's powerful and soaring vocals on this contemporary orchestral arrangement will surely catapult your Christmas spirit to new heights.
The Sound Cloud music player below has a scroll bar on the right that will allow you to scroll down and select any song to preview.

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1. New Year's Kiss
New Year's Day
99¢ Add to Cart
2. Oh Promise Me
Valentine's Day
99¢ Add to Cart
3. The Maid Behind the Bar
St. Patrick's Day
99¢ Add to Cart
4. One Day
99¢ Add to Cart
5. For All You've Done for Us
Mother's Day
99¢ Add to Cart
6. Tribute to the Fallen
Memorial Day
99¢ Add to Cart
7. The Love of a Father
Father's Day
99¢ Add to Cart
8. Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
Independence Day
99¢ Add to Cart
9. Halloween Rag Medley
Halloween 99¢ Add to Cart
10. Armed Forces Polka Medley
Veteran's Day
99¢ Add to Cart
11. Gratitude
Thanksgiving 99¢ Add to Cart
12. O Holy Night
Christmas 99¢ Add to Cart
     Full album (twelve songs)

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Collection of original music  (PP5039)
Released: 1999-2014
Produced by: Tom Brusky
Length: 47 minutes
This is a compilation of original songs that Tom Brusky has recorded and released between 1999 and 2014. The music is available for download in high-quality MP3 format. The Sound Cloud music player below has a scroll bar on the right that will allow you to scroll down and select any song to preview.

Download the songs: 99¢ ea.
From the Album...

1. Buttons Up
On the Bright Side
99¢ Add to Cart
2. Pssht Waltz
WEAK Polka Pontoon
99¢ Add to Cart
3. Wetzerli Polka
Polkas from the Digital Domain 99¢ Add to Cart
4. Let's Go Dancin' Darlin
The First Forty Years
99¢ Add to Cart
5. Kittling Polka
Did You Remember To Pack Your Accordion? 99¢ Add to Cart
6. Play from Your Heart
The First Forty Years 99¢ Add to Cart
7. Jana's Polka
Did You Remember To Pack Your Accordion? 99¢ Add to Cart
8. Andy's Birthday
Polkas from the Digital Domain 99¢ Add to Cart
9. Over and Over
On the Bright Side 99¢ Add to Cart
10. Louis Our Polka King
The First Forty Years 99¢ Add to Cart
11. Let's All Doink Chick-a-Doink
WEAK Polka Pontoon 99¢ Add to Cart
12. My Little Black Kitten
Did You Remember To Pack Your Accordion? 99¢ Add to Cart
13. John & Karrie's Polka
Did You Remember To Pack Your Accordion? 99¢ Add to Cart
14. Mouse Clicker Polka
On the Bright Side 99¢ Add to Cart
15. Lesbian Polka
Did You Remember To Pack Your Accordion?
99¢ Add to Cart
     Entire collection (fifteen Songs)

$9.99 Add to Cart
Polka bands interested in recording covers of any of these songs may do so without cost or permission, provided Tom Brusky is credited for the song and the total number of CDs manufactured and/or downloads sold/distributed does not exceed 1,000.

2014  "WEAK Polka Pontoon"  (PP5035)
Released: September 21, 2014
Produced and performed by:
Tom Brusky

Additional musicians: David Austin, Don Hunjadi, and Dan Tutsch
Additional vocalists:
CowboyTheGirl, Matt Newton, Lauryn Noelle, Justin Spanbauer,
and Jake Warne

Additional voice-overs:
Debra Babich, Michelle Blenker, Kj Lyn, Carter Brosowsky,
Janine Herr, Brian Miracle, Rick McKay, and Inna Voloshin
Length: 67 minutes
Get ready for a polka CD unlike any you've heard before! Using musical parody and humor, the WEAK Polka Pontoon takes a lighthearted, satirical jab at polka music through the bumbling operation of a fictional, hometown radio station. It's a polka CD, but all the music, and much more, is delivered in the form of a one-hour polka radio show.

Radio station WEAK is located in downtown Glaucoma, a quaint, all-American town nestled in the heart of Wisconsin's rural polka country. Every Saturday morning, the region's older population tune in to WEAK 108.7 FM to hear the Polka Pontoon radio show. The show, sponsored by such businesses as Zedwick-Gerber Funeral Home and Doctor Wells' Orthotics, is hosted by the aloof-yet-adorable Bill Sczyszykowski

From the technical difficulties to the incompetent announcing, the WEAK Polka Pontoon radio show is doomed from the beginning. The commercials are outrageous, the news reports are anything but politically correct, and some of the music is absolutely intolerable.

But there's another side to the Polka Pontoon...

Even a bad polka radio show will play good polka music now and then, and the Polka Pontoon is no exception. This CD delivers professionally recorded music spanning several polka styles, mainly in the form of juxtaposed, creatively-arranged medleys. You'll hear Slovenian-style polkas played by a Dutchmen band, Dutchmen-style polkas played by a Slovenian band, parodied contemporary hits performed “live in concert” by a Polish band, a blend of polka and heavy metal like you've never imagined possible, and more. The bands may be fictional, but the music is very real. Featured bands include:
  • Ronnie Tercik
  • The Polka Yokels
  • The Happy Slovenian Lumberjacks
  • The Gruenwalds
  • The Fairfield Kickers Button Box Club
  • The Dutchmen of Swing
  • Arnie Glaschmeister
  • The Dyna-Aire Versa-Sticktoneswhose name later influenced a real band: The DynaVersaStickToneAires
Professional musicians, vocalists, and voice-over artists were hired to give this CD the highest production value possible. Roughly 300 hours were invested in its creation from start to finish.

"Love this CD!  Very well done all the way through."
Gary Brueggen
"You don't have a CD like this one – it's totally unique!"
Greg Drust, A+ Radio Productions
"I’ve been producing polka music radio shows for over 35 years and I am amazed how accurate and realistic the content of this fictitious program on WEAK Radio is."
Craig Ebel, It's Polka Time!
"I found Tom's use of satire both funny and spot on.
I hope his creative arrangements and musical prowess are not overlooked."
Ed Klancnik
"I laughed so hard (it's supposed to be funny, right?) that it brought tears to my eyes!"
Steve Meisner
  "...filled with creative musicianship, unique humor, and top notch sonic engineering."
Alex Meixner
"This CD is filled with layers of enjoyment. Everytime we listen we hear something new!"
Eric & Nancy Noltkamper
  "An instant one-of-a-kind classic listeners will be talking about for years to come!"
Mike Schneider
"Tom Brusky's creativity and musical abilities are showcased in this humorous look at polka radio shows. I have not laughed so hard in a long time."
Jeff Winard
"Every time I listen to it, I catch something new that I missed the first time. Very well done musically and it's fun to laugh at the little things in life!"
Barefoot Becky

IMPORTANT:  Please be advised this is not your everyday polka CD. Although 99% of it is suitable for all ages, some of the material is not appropriate for young audiences. If you are easily offended by political incorrectness or implied coarse language, we recommend you do not purchase this CD. For that reason, no refunds or exchanges will be issued.


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Due to the trending decline of physical CD sales (and piracy... grrrr!) this recording will NOT be reissued. Once the CDs are sold out, they're sold out. As of September 1, 2017, less than a dozen copies remain in stock.

"The First Forty Years"  (PP5028)

Released: November 22, 2009
Tom Brusky
| Accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboard, vocals
Dan Tutsch
, Dan Wojtila, Steve Meisner | Vocals
Eric Noltkamper, Ron VanDenboom | Banjo
Kathy Zamejc Vogt | Button box
Don Hunjadi | Saxophone
Length: 52 minutes

Released just four days before Tom's 40th birthday, "The First Forty Years" showcases Tom's musical influences both in and out of polka music. This is a polka-variety CD with emphasis on driving, Cleveland-Style polkas and waltzes.

Once again, Tom has more original music to offer with these three, new titles:

Let's Go Dancin', Darlin', recorded with a Latin beat, is a heartwarming song about an elderly man who reminisces about dancing with his wife back in the 1950s. Though not as graceful and nimble as he once was, he asks his wife, who he still adores, for one more dance.

Louis Our Polka King is a tribute to Milwaukee's Polka King, Louis Bashell. Joining Tom on vocals are special guests Duane Matuszak, Jeff Winard, Steve Meisner, Grant Kozera, Gary Frank, and Ron VanDenboom. Although this song was recorded in a style influenced by Western-style Swing, Bashell's actual Lo Duca accordion and Jim Brusky's Fender bass guitar can be heard at the end, when the song flows into the final bridge of Louis' famous theme song, the Silk Umbrella Polka.

When Tom's father, Jim, was a young boy, he asked his mom and dad for a new sled for Christmas. Instead of a sled, however, they surprised him with an accordion. No one could have imagined the kind of impact that decision would have, since Jim went on to become a lifelong, professional musician. Play From Your Heart is a moving ballad based on that true, inspiring story. A boy receives an accordion for Christmas, and as he grows older, he realizes the significance of the gift, and passes the accordion onto his son.  Dan Wojtila (Cleveland, OH) sings the poignant lyrics.

The polka medley, which runs nearly seventeen minutes long, demonstrates how profoundly the Cleveland style has influenced Tom over the last decade. Tom has been playing polka music professionally since he was a teenager, but it wasn't until he was in his late twenties – when he started traveling to Pennsylvania and Ohio – that he developed a genuine appreciation for the traditional Cleveland-style sound and the legacies of the musicians who pioneered it.  Tom put this medley of polkas together as a tribute to those pioneers and the many great bands of today, who, through their dedication in preserving the Cleveland style, continue to inspire other musicians to do the same.

No Cleveland-Style polka CD is complete without a few button box selections, and that is why Tom sought the talent of Canadian musician, Kathy Zamejc Vogt. Kathy is featured performing the button box on Big Splash Polka and Papa Joe's Polka.

You may have heard big band music recorded by polka musicians before, but Tom has taken it to a whole new level with full, big band arrangements. In the Sinatra-style medley, the drums and bass are real, but all of the other instrumentation was painstakingly performed in real time (without the aid of a computer) on a single keyboard patched into multiple MIDI sound modules. When it came to the vocals, there was only one cat around who could swing with that much Las Vegas style -- Wisconsin's own Steve Meisner.

In 1974, bandleader Ferd Buchel and his wife, Dolores, gave birth to their only child, Cindy. In a dedication to the two most important people in his life, Ferd fittingly chose two of the most beautiful waltzes ever written, brought them together in a new arrangement, and called it "Cindo's Waltz". This interpretation of Ferd's arrangement is dedicated to Cindy and her son, Jacob.

With any luck, someone might know the actual name of this song titled Laendler in A-Flat. Tom only knows the song from having heard his dad play it on the piano ever since he was a child. His dad never knew the name of the song, either, as he also learned it by memory when he was much younger. Over the years, Tom and his dad simply referred to it as "that laendler in A-flat".

  • Introduction
  • Big Splash Polka
  • Let's Go Dancin' Darlin'
  • Cindo's Waltz
  • Laendler in A-Flat
  • Louis Our Polka King 
  • Play From Your Heart
  • Blue Dancing Shoes
  • Papa Joe's Polka
  • Swingin' Sinatra Medley
  • Cleveland-Style Polka Medley

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! Due to the trending decline of physical CD sales, this recording will NOT be reissued. Once the CDs are sold out, they're sold out. As of September 1, 2017, only five copies remain in stock.

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Polkasound Studio Singers
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Don Hunjadi: tenor sax, clarinet
Jerry Loughney
: fiddle
Dunonda Keyes: steel guitar
Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, Mark Wenzlaff, Jeff Winard, Jay Hoppe, Bill Gempler, 
       Polkasound Studio Singers
: vocals
"Butt n' Box by Joe LaBotz" 2001  (PP5017)
Tom Brusky: accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboards
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Eric Noltkamper: banjo

"Did You Remember To Pack Your Accordion?" 2000  (PP5016)
Tom Brusky: accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboards, tuba, vocals
Gary Hendrickson: banjo
Don Hunjadi: tenor sax
Dale Stelzer: tenor sax, clarinet
Bob Zierer: banjo
Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, Karrie Lane, Nichal Kelsch: vocals
"Polkas from the Digital Domain" 1999  (PP5015)
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"Polkasound Potpourri" 1997  (PP5012)
Tom Brusky / Carol & the Keynotes / Concertina Millie / Gentleman Jim / Ed Hause / Bryan O'Donnell / Mike Schneider / Ron VanDenboom / Jeff Winard
"Tom x 5 But Not Quite Live" 1997  (PP5011)
Tom Brusky: accordion, drums, bass, keyboards,vocals
Ron VanDenboom: banjo, vocals

"Polkalanis1997  (PP5010)
Promotional single
Tom Brusky: all instruments
Nichal Kelsch: vocals

"Undercover" 1995  (PP5008)
Tom Brusky: accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboards, tuba, vocals
Eric Noltkamper: banjo
Jay Hoppe: vocals

"Don't Shoot the Accordion Player1992  (PP5003)
Tom Brusky: all instruments and vocals
"Generations Together" 1990  (PP5002)
Tom Brusky: accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboards, tuba, vocals
Ron VanDenboom: banjo, guitar, vocals
Jim Brusky: tuba, keyboards
Kim VanDenboom: vocals
Ed Hause: concertina

"Song of Lecco" 1989  (PP5001)
Tom Brusky: all instruments and vocals
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