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Country Christmas Collection (EP)

Catalog #: PP5045
Released: November 29, 2019
Produced and performed by: Tom Brusky
Guest vocalists: Christine Corless, Jay Isaacson, and Dawn Jones
Length: 17:30
Over the summer and fall of 2019, Tom was busy in the studio writing and producing five new songs for the Christmas season. This time, however, he went country! What makes this collection of songs particularly unique is that each song represents a different era of country music [1940s, 1960s, 1970s, 1990s, and 2010s] and was painstakingly engineered and mixed to reflect the distinct sonic characteristics of its time.
This EP features three amazing, guest vocalists: Christine Corless (studio session singer from Nashville, Tennessee) Jay Isaacson (Wisconsin-based pianist and singer) and Dawn Jones (backup vocalist for a popular Midwest entertainer.)
A Christmas She'll Remember - (1940s)
Making a recording to sound 80 years old is no simple task! Ribbon mics, vintage-colored preamps, and a whole lot of creative software processing were used to intentionally degrade the audio of each track. The song is a simple story about an unaffluent yet gladsome man who meets the girl of his dreams and begins saving his money to buy her an engagement ring for Christmas.

Santa, Don't Sneeze!
- (1960s)

Inspired by the AM radio-optimized Bakersfield sound of the 1960s with a little Western swing (and accordion!) mixed in, this whimsical song is about a boy who is so determined to get a new bike for Christmas, he implores Santa Claus to stay healthy so that he doesn't risk missing his ever-important, annual sleigh ride.

Fifteen More Miles - (1970s)
Performed by vocalist Dawn Jones and engineered with a warm, analog sound, Fifteen More Miles is a sentimental song about a loved one trekking her way back home to be with family and friends. Although the song is set in the 1800s before the age of the automobile, the message of the lyrics holds true today: No matter where life takes you, you can always come home for Christmas.

Angel of Christmas - (1990s)
Country music's popularity surged in the early 1990s as the genre took on a more contemporary, crossover sound. The poignant lyrics of this song, delivered by vocalist Jay Isaacson, concern the memories of loved ones at Christmas. Whose photo do you hang on your Christmas tree every year? As long as you remember them, they are always with you.

Christmas Shopping Fool - (2010s)
If your favorite holiday is Black Friday, this song is for you! It's a whimsical portrayal of one girl's take on the spirit of the holidays, which for her, is hitting all the Christmas sales and buying more than she can afford. Nashville session singer Christine Corless is the featured vocalist.


1. A Christmas She'll Remember
1940s Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
2. Santa, Don't Sneeze!
1960s Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
3. Fifteen More Miles
1970s Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
4. Angel of Christmas
1990s Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
5. Christmas Shopping Fool
2010s Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
    Album of all five songs

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Emergency (single)

Catalog #: PP5041
Released: April 15, 2019
Produced and performed by: Tom Brusky
Vocalist: Shayna
Length: 3:51

"Emergency" is an original, contemporary, high-energy, Top-40-style tune with flavors of dance-pop, synthwave, and EDM. Tom put approximately 90 hours of production this song, which he began writing in December of 2018 and finished recording in April of 2019.
Several years ago while scouting and auditioning vocalists for his "Holidays in Music" album, Tom was introduced to Shayna, a phenomenally talented vocalist from Illinois. After hearing just a couple of her demo tracks, Tom was so smitten with the range, dynamics, and sonic breadth of her vocals, he committed himself to creating a pop single tailored specifically for her voice.
KevinBmelo is an established, young rapper from Milwaukee with a bright future ahead. Tom picked Melo from well over a dozen rappers who auditioned, because Melo was able to deliver the perfect balance between equable tone and attitude which the song required.
Emergency is Tom's most successful single, having received thousands of plays on Spotify.


 Emergency (ft. Shayna and KevinBmelo)
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart


Positively Polka

Catalog #: PP5040
Released: June 15, 2018
Produced and performed by: Tom Brusky
Additional musicians: David Austin, Ed Klancnik, Nathan Neuman, Eric Noltkamper,
     and Cliff Penniston

Betillo Arellano, David Austin, Abby Broeniman, Mollie Busta, and the
     Polkasound Studio Singers
Length: 46 minutes

Tom Brusky has returned to his polka roots to deliver this exciting collection of new, original music. As much as Tom enjoys writing and recording music in other genres, you'll find no foxtrots, country ballads, rhumbas, or pop standards here. That's the reason for the title, Positively Polka.
The bulk of the album is comprised of instrumental polkas and waltzes performed in the Slovenian/Cleveland-style, but you'll also hear a few other polka styles as well as some amazing vocal performances and unique arrangements. Some of the songs were originally written to be used as product demos for software instrument libraries. The rest were written specifically for this album.
Abby Broeniman and Mollie Busta are the featured guest vocalists. Abby is singing a beautiful waltz called Autumn in the Meadow, which was written and arranged specifically for her vocals. The song also features a 40-piece string ensemble. Likewise, two songs were arranged for Mollie's vocals, including the polka I'm in Love and the waltz To Fall in Love with You. The waltz is fully orchestrated with symphony strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion to give it a Disney-like sound. Joining Mollie on the waltz is Betillo Arellano, a talented, classically-trained vocal performance major from Illinois.
Abby and Mollie sing together with David Austin in three-part alpine volksmusik-style harmony on Going Back to Switzerland. If you're a fan of Slavko Avsenik's Oberkrainer music, you'll enjoy the uniqueness of this European-sounding song sung with English lyrics.
The Polkasound Studio Singers deliver a classic Yankovic-style vocal performance on Crystal's Balls, a whimsical song about a girl from Iowa and her balls, which she holds every Friday night.
What sets this album apart from other polka recordings is not just the 350 hours put into the production, but the fact that all of the music is original. There are not many people writing and composing polkas and waltzes these days, so Tom decided to bring new music into the circuit. The only song on the album not written by Tom is track #17... a bonus song available only to those who purchase the compact disc!!

CDs are available online from the Mollie B Store for $14.99. NOTE: A very limited quantity of CDs remain. When they are sold out, no more will be ordered. Tom Brusky no longer releases music on compact disc.


1. I'm in Love
99¢ Add to Cart
2. Kerler Acres Polka

99¢ Add to Cart
3. Secret Affair Waltz

99¢ Add to Cart
4. Match Point Polka

99¢ Add to Cart
5. Crystal's Balls
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
6. Dance of the Black Cats

99¢ Add to Cart
7. Root River Polka

99¢ Add to Cart
8. Golden Dollar Polka

99¢ Add to Cart
9. Autumn in the Meadow
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
10. Corn Scramble

99¢ Add to Cart
11. Going Back to Switzerland
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
12. Fine and Dandy

99¢ Add to Cart
13. Wind Lake Waltz

99¢ Add to Cart
14. Cold Spring Polka

99¢ Add to Cart
15. Layton Avenue Polka

99¢ Add to Cart
16. To Fall in Love with You
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
17. ??? (Mystery Bonus Track)

Available on CD only
      Album of songs 1-16

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 The Holidays In Music

Catalog #: PP5038
Released: August 10, 2016
Produced and performed by
: Tom Brusky
Emma Bee, Abby Broeniman, Steve Brunton, Mollie Busta, Jayme Dawicki,
     Mark Demmin II, Ryan Meagher, Matt Newton, and Gabriel Riccio
Length: 46 minutes

The Holidays In Music is an emotionally-charged, uplifting, musical journey through our country's most celebrated holidays. Each holiday is represented by its own song.
You all know Tom as a polka musician, but his musical interests cover a much wider spectrum. Tom stepped farther outside of his Polka roots than ever before to create a unique collection of authentic music spanning multiple genres.
The Holidays In Music is nothing like your typical band recording, where all of the songs conform to one genre of music and the same four or five people play and sing all the parts. For this album, Tom performed and produced all of the music himself and spent a great deal of time seeking out and hiring the most qualified, professional vocalists to give each of his songs the sound he was looking for. In addition to the diversity of genres and incredible vocal performances, two other integral parts of this album are the songwriting and arranging — brand new songs as well as fresh, unique arrangements of old songs are showcased.
This recording, which took an estimated 370 hours to produce, is Tom Brusky's most extensive (and expensive) studio project released to date. After ten months of writing, composing, arranging, and recording, Tom Brusky proudly presents The Holidays In Music!
1. NEW YEAR'S DAY - New Year's Kiss (1940s-Style Ballad)
This original song by Tom Brusky was arranged in the style of a 1940's-era ballad, complete with a lush string ensemble and a vocalist who croons in the vintage style of the era. Many lounge, opera, and big band singers answered the call, but Tom didn't find the nostalgic vocal sound he was looking for until he came across Mark Demmin II (Naperville, IL). To hear anyone deliver a ballad as exquisitely and proficiently as Mark, you'd have to go back in time at least seventy years.

2. VALENTINE'S DAY - Oh Promise Me (1980s-Style Ballad)
Oh Promise Me was written in 1887, but the song takes on new life as Tom advances it one-hundred years with an arrangement that gives it an iconic, 1980's sound. Finding the right vocalist was critical to the success of this arrangement, because many singers today have an edgy, contemporary tone which isn't the best fit for an 80's-style pop ballad. After more than a month of auditioning vocalists, Tom heard a sample of Gabriel Riccio (Chicago, IL) singing, loved the retro vibe, and hired him on the spot. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be transported back to a Valentine's Day some thirty-five years ago.

3. ST. PATRICK'S DAY - The Maid Behind the Bar (Irish Folk Song)
What makes traditional folk music so appealing, regardless of the nationality, is that it is often just as upbeat and uplifting as American polka music. In a Dublin pub, surely nothing gets one's foot tapping like a peppy Irish reel. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Tom chose this classic folk song and arranged it with a blend of contemporary and traditional instruments, including the bodhrán, uilleann pipes, and tin whistle. Sláinte!

4. EASTER - One Day (Volksmusik Waltz)
Volksmusik from Europe's alpine regions is one of the most joyful sounds on Earth, and that makes it a perfect fit for the celebration of Easter. Tom arranged this traditional Easter hymn with a sound reminiscent of Slavko Avsenik's Oberkrainer style. The song's four-part vocal harmony is led by two of the Polka genre's most talented, young singers: Abby Broeniman (Hortonville, WI) and Mollie Busta (Ridgeville Corners, OH).

5. MOTHER'S DAY - For All You've Done for Us (Bluegrass)
Like polka music, bluegrass music has always shared that cheerful quality that instantly makes people feel good when they hear it. Tom wrote and composed this song to honor all mothers on their special day. Sung in perfect bluegrass-style harmony by Emma Bee (Madison, WI), Matt Newton (Nashville, TN), and Ryan Meagher (Milwaukee, WI), this song is all about the gratitude felt by three grown children for their mother's wisdom, patience, and determination over the years.

6. MEMORIAL DAY - Tribute to the Fallen (Choir, Orchestra & Brass)
This emotional piece arranged for boys' choir, orchestra, and brass quintet is dedicated to the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in the defense of our freedom. It starts with Tom's original composition, "Finest Hour", as an ode to the bravery with which they fought and died. A handbell and choral performance of "America the Beautiful" follows in tribute to the land they so gallantly defended. The song concludes with a solemn rendition of "Taps" to bid our country's heroes a peaceful, eternal rest.

7. FATHER'S DAY - The Love of a Father (Contemporary Folk Ballad)
Tom wrote this sentimental song all about a father's love for his daughter. The song is sung from the perspective of the daughter as she fondly reflects on her childhood. Tom's moving arrangement layers traditional folk instruments over an upright piano, but what will propel this song directly to your heart is the delicate, intimate vocal delivery of Jayme Dawicki (New Berlin, WI). Once a student at the grade school where Tom's father, Jim, was the principal, Jayme grew up to achieve national recognition as a singer/songwriter.

8. INDEPENDENCE DAY - Hail to the Spirit of Liberty (Symphonic Band March)
Perhaps no song is more associated with the 4th of July than John Philip Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever, but it certainly wasn't his only patriotic song. Tom chose this more obscure but equally inspiring Sousa march to amplify your American pride in celebration of our country's founding.

9. HALLOWEEN - Halloween Rag Medley* (Spooky, Swingin' Ragtime)
Is it a horror movie soundtrack? Is it sinister theater music? Is it piano ragtime? Is it polka band ragtime? Is it swinging jazz? The answer is yes — all of the above! Based around two ragtime Halloween songs, Harem Scarem Rag and The Greenwich Witch, this compilation arrangement of music by Tom Brusky is as incongruent and bizarre as it is musically entertaining. Happy Halloween! Muahahahahaha!

10. VETERAN'S DAY - Armed Forces Polka Medley* (Cleveland-Style Polka)
To honor all those who have served our country, Tom arranged four military service songs into an instrumental Cleveland-style polka medley. Our veterans are our greatest national treasure. All polka bands are encouraged to take time out of their busy schedules every now and then to provide live music at veterans homes in their area.

11. THANKSGIVING - Gratitude (Big Band)
The lyrics for this song are adapted from two poems written by Edgar A. Guest cir. 1917: Gratitude and Thanksgiving. Tom composed the music and arranged it for big band. Swingin' the vocal is one of Milwaukee's most unique gems in the entertainment circuit — "Diamond Steve" Brunton from the Brewhaus Polka Kings.

12. CHRISTMAS - O Holy Night (Contemporary Orchestral Carol)
One of the most iconic and beautiful Christmas songs of all time, O Holy Night is also one of the most challenging songs for even the most professional of vocalists due to its extended range and dynamics. For this song, Tom traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to capture the incomparable talent of Matt Newton. Matt's powerful and soaring vocals on this contemporary orchestral arrangement will surely catapult your Christmas spirit to new heights.


1. New Year's Kiss
New Year's Day
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
2. Oh Promise Me
Valentine's Day
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
3. The Maid Behind the Bar
St. Patrick's Day

99¢ Add to Cart
4. One Day
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
5. For All You've Done for Us
Mother's Day
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
6. Tribute to the Fallen
Memorial Day

99¢ Add to Cart
7. The Love of a Father
Father's Day
Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
8. Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
Independence Day

99¢ Add to Cart
9. Halloween Rag Medley
99¢ Add to Cart
10. Armed Forces Polka Medley
Veteran's Day

99¢ Add to Cart
11. Gratitude
Thanksgiving Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
12. O Holy Night
Christmas Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
     Album of all twelve songs

$7.99 Add to Cart
Songs 1-8, 11 & 12 also available on:


Compilation of original music from discontinued albums
Catalog #: PP5039
Released: 1997-2014
Produced by: Tom Brusky
Length: 47 minutes
These are songs that Tom Brusky wrote, recorded, and released on albums between 1997 and 2014.

From the Album...

1. Pssht Waltz WEAK Polka Pontoon
99¢ Add to Cart
2. Let's All Doink Chick-a-Doink WEAK Polka Pontoon
2014 Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
3. Louis Our Polka King
The First Forty Years 2009 Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
4. Let's Go Dancin', Darling The First Forty Years 2009 Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
5. Play from Your Heart The First Forty Years 2009 Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
6. Over and Over Again
On the Bright Side
2003 Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
7. Buttons Up
On the Bright Side
99¢ Add to Cart
8. Mouse Clicker Polka On the Bright Side 2003
99¢ Add to Cart
9. Jana's Polka
Did You Remember To Pack... 2000 Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
10. My Little Black Kitten
Did You Remember To Pack... 2000 Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
11. John & Karrie's Polka
Did You Remember To Pack... 2000 Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
12. Lesbian Polka
Did You Remember To Pack... 2000 Lyrics 99¢ Add to Cart
13. Wetzerli Polka
Polkas from the Digital Domain 1999
99¢ Add to Cart
14. Andy's Birthday
Polkas from the Digital Domain 1999
99¢ Add to Cart
15. Kittling's Polka
Polkasound Potpourri
99¢ Add to Cart
     Album of all 15 songs

$9.99 Add to Cart

Radio Promos: If you are a radio DJ or IJ and would like to have any of the above albums/singles to play on your show, please submit an email with some basic information about your show. After your radio station affiliation and contact information have been verified, you will receive a link to download the albums in high-quality MP3 format.

Licensing: Traditional polka bands interested in recording covers of Tom Brusky's original polkas and waltzes may do so without cost or permission, provided proper song credit is given and the total number of physical albums manufactured and/or song downloads sold is 1,000 units or less. For inquires about larger distribution, video sync licensing, or licensing by non-polka bands, please email.

The recordings below are sold out and will not be reissued.
Some music retailers may have a few CDs remaining in inventory. Please note that it is a copyright violation to make and
distribute unauthorized copies of sold-out recordings.

"WEAK Polka Pontoon"  2014  (PP5035)
Produced and performed by: Tom Brusky
Additional musicians: David Austin, Don Hunjadi, and Dan Tutsch
Additional vocalists: CowboyTheGirl, Matt Newton, Lauryn Noelle, Justin Spanbauer,
     and Jake Warne

Additional voice-overs:
Debra Babich, Michelle Blenker, Kj Lyn, Carter Brosowsky,
     Janine Herr, Brian Miracle, Rick McKay, and Inna Voloshin
"The First Forty Years"  2009  (PP5028)
Tom Brusky: Accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboard, and vocals
Dan Tutsch
, Dan Wojtila, and Steve Meisner: Vocals
Eric Noltkamper and Ron VanDenboom: Banjo
Kathy Zamejc Vogt: Button box
Don Hunjadi: Saxophone
"Playing Your Requests - Volume II 2005  (PP5023)
Tom Brusky: All instruments
Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, and the Polkasound Studio Singers
: Vocals
"Playing Your Requests - Volume I"  2005  (PP5022)
Tom Brusky: All instruments
Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, and the Polkasound Studio Singers: Vocals
"On the Bright Side"  2003  (PP5020)
Tom Brusky: Accordion, drums, bass guitar, tuba, baritone, trumpet, keyboards, and vocals
Gary Hendrickson: Banjo and guitar
Don Hunjadi: Tenor sax and clarinet
Jerry Loughney
: Fiddle
Dunonda Keyes: Steel guitar
Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, Mark Wenzlaff, Jeff Winard, Jay Hoppe, Bill Gempler,
     and the Polkasound Studio Singers
: vocals
"Butt n' Box by Joe LaBotz"  2001  (PP5017)
Tom Brusky: Accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboards
Don Hunjadi: Sax, clarinet, and flute

Eric Noltkamper: Banjo

"Did You Remember To Pack Your Accordion?"  2000  (PP5016)
Tom Brusky: Accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboards, tuba, vocals
Gary Hendrickson: Banjo
Don Hunjadi: Tenor sax
Dale Stelzer: Tenor sax and clarinet
Bob Zierer: Banjo
Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, Karrie Lane, and Nichal Kelsch: Vocals
"Polkas from the Digital Domain1999  (PP5015)
Tom Brusky: All instruments
"Polkasound Potpourri"  1997  (PP5012)
Tom Brusky / Carol & the Keynotes / Concertina Millie / Gentleman Jim / Ed Hause / Bryan O'Donnell / Mike Schneider / Ron VanDenboom / Jeff Winard
"Tom x 5 But Not Quite Live"  1997  (PP5011)
Tom Brusky: Accordion, drums, bass, keyboards, and vocals
Ron VanDenboom: Banjo, vocals

"Polkalanis1997  (PP5010)
Promotional single
Tom Brusky: All instruments
Nichal Kelsch: Vocals

"Undercover"  1995  (PP5008)
Tom Brusky: Accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboards, tuba, and vocals
Eric Noltkamper: Banjo
Jay Hoppe: Vocals

"Don't Shoot the Accordion Player1992  (PP5003)
Tom Brusky: All instruments and vocals
"Generations Together1990  (PP5002)
Tom Brusky: Accordion, drums, bass guitar, keyboards, tuba, and vocals
Ron VanDenboom: Banjo, guitar, and vocals
Jim Brusky: Tuba and keyboards
Mark Truesdell and Kim VanDenboom: Vocals
Ed Hause: Concertina

"Song of Lecco1989  (PP5001)
Tom Brusky: All instruments and vocals

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