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How Much I Love You  (single)  PP5055
Genre: Alpine Volksmusik
Released: January 20, 2022
Arranged in the Oberkrainer style, this simple, uplifting waltz was produced and released for the celebration of Valentine's Day, and it features special guest Jelena Krožnar.


Get Your Butt Down to the Lodge  (single)  PP5053
Genre: Blues-Rock
Released: November 26, 2022
This whimsical take on fraternal lodge weekend festivities is fronted by powerhouse vocalist Dee Wolf and backed by a hot five-piece horn section.

Escape to Polka Paradise  (album)  PP5052
Genre: Polka
Released: July 15, 2022
Tom returns to his polka roots once again to deliver a collection of new, original songs, fronted by top vocalists and backed by top musicians. Yes, that's Mollie B on the cover, who is featured on six songs. More vocals are covered by Betillo Arellano, Abby Broeniman, Andrea Ehlinger, Dawn Jones, and Steve Meisner.

In This Quiet Refuge  (single)  PP5051
Genre: Contemporary Christian
Released: May 18, 2022
Two virtuoso vocalists, Betillo Arellano and Nicki Gonzalez, deliver an emotionally uplifting, powerful performance on this new song of faith.

My Daddy Lives On  (single)  PP5050
Genre: Country
Released: February 16, 2022
Life was not easy for her after she got married and started a family, but what got her through the tough times were the words of a very special song she learned from her father. It's in the lyrics of this song that she finds her father's guidance and wisdom, even long after he has passed on. Jessica Lynne Witty delivers a beautiful, emotional vocal performance.

Cruisin' in My Crown Vic  (single)  PP5049
Genre: Oldies Rock & Roll
Released: June 1, 2021
Tom Brusky wasn't around in the 1950s, but he was a teenage cruiser in the 1980s and he owns a Ford Crown Victoria. Tom brought those two ideas together in a new song with an authentic 1950s arrangement and vintage sound. Dan Tutsch is the lead vocalist, and Don Hunjadi is featured on tenor sax.


Polka Band  (single)  PP5048
Genre: Classic Hard Rock (Parody)
Released: November 26, 2020
In 1976, the band Boston released one of the most iconic rock albums of all time. One of the album's hits, Rock & Roll Band, chronicles the life of a band, from their humble beginning to finding fame thoughout New England. But what if the song's writer, Tom Scholz, grew up in Milwaukee? Might the lyrics have turned out a little differently?

Light the Way  (single)  PP5047
Genre: Contemporary Christian
Released: June 1, 2020
The COVID-19 crisis has brought a lot of fear and uncertainty into the world. To help people of faith navigate through it, Tom Brusky wrote this encouraging and spiritually upifting song. Light the Way is an all-volunteer, collaborative effort fronted by an exceptionally talented vocalist and backed by a twenty-member choir. And it's free.

Broken Mirrors  (single)  PP5046
Genre: Retro/Synth-Pop
Released: May 4, 2020
Tom Brusky takes you on a trip 35 years back in time. Broken Mirrors is a new song arranged with the dreamy, synth-heavy pop sound of the 1980s.

Country Christmas Collection  (EP)  PP5045
Genre: Country
Released: November 29, 2019

What makes this EP unique is that each song represents a different era of country music — from the 1940s to the 2010s — and was painstakingly engineered and mixed to reflect the distinct sonic characteristics of its time. Three guest vocalists are featured.

Emergency  (single)  PP5041

Genre: Contemporary Pop
Released: April 15, 2019

Emergency, performed by Shayna, is an original, high-energy, Top-40-style song with flavors of dance-pop, synthwave, and EDM. Tom put approximately 90 hours of production this song, which he began writing in December of 2018 and finished recording in April of 2019.

Positively Polka  (album)  PP5040

Genre: Polka
Released: June 15, 2018

Tom Brusky returned to his polka roots to deliver this exciting collection of new, original music. The bulk of the album is comprised of instrumental polkas and waltzes performed in the Slovenian/Cleveland-style, but you'll also hear a few other polka styles as well as some amazing vocal performances and unique arrangements.

Compilation of original music from discontinued albums  PP5039

Genre: Polka-Variety
Released: 2017

This is a compilation of 15 songs that Tom Brusky wrote, recorded, and released on albums between 1997 and 2014.

The Holidays in Music  (album)  PP5038

Genre: Mixed
Released: August 10, 2016

The Holidays In Music is an emotionally-charged, uplifting, musical journey through our country's most celebrated holidays. Each holiday is represented by its own song, and every song is performed in a different genre of music. This album took approximately 370 hours to produce and showcases nine outstanding vocalists.

The Polka Pontoon  (album)  PP5035

Genre: Polka/Comedy
Released: September 21, 2014

The Polka Pontoon takes a lighthearted, satirical jab at polka music through the bumbling operation of a fictional, hometown radio station. It's a polka album, but the music is presented in the form of a one-hour polka radio show with commercials, news, and special segments. The show is laced with technical difficulties, inept announcing, and inside jokes.

The older recordings below are sold out and will not be reissued.
  Radio DJs are requested to pull these albums from their libraries as they no
reflect the sound, arrangements, or production quality of the artist.


The First Forty Years  (album)  PP5028
Released: November, 2009
Format: Compact disc
Additional musicians: Don Hunjadi, Eric Noltkamper, Ron VanDenboom, and
Kathy Zamejc Vogt
Additional Vocalists: Dan Tutsch, Dan Wojtila, and Steve Meisner
Playing Your Requests, Vol. 2  (album)  PP5023
Released: October, 2005
Format: Compact disc
Vocalists: Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, and the Polkasound Studio Singers
Playing Your Requests, Vol. 1  (album)  PP5022
Released: October, 2005
Format: Compact disc
Vocalists: Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, and the Polkasound Studio Singers
On the Bright Side  (album)  PP5020
Released: 2003
Format: Compact disc
Additional musicians:
Gary Hendrickson, Don Hunjadi, and Jerry Loughney
Additional Vocalists:
Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, Mark Wenzlaff, Jeff Winard,
     Jay Hoppe, Bill Gempler, and the Polkasound Studio Singers
Butt n' Box by Joe LaBotz  (album)  PP5017
Released: April, 2001
Format: Compact disc, audio cassette
Additional musicians: Don Hunjadi and Eric Noltkamper
Did You Remember To Pack Your Accordion?  (album)  PP5016
Released: May, 2000
Format: Compact disc, audio cassette
Additional musicians: Gary Hendrickson, Don Hunjadi, Dale Stelzer, and Bob Zierer
Additional vocalists: Dan Tutsch, Ron VanDenboom, Karrie Lane, and Nichal Kelsch
Polkas from the Digital Domain  (album)  PP5015
Released: 1999
Format: Compact disc
Polkasound Potpourri  (album)  PP5012
Released: 1997
Format: Compact disc, audio cassette
Performed by: Tom Brusky, Carol & the Keynotes, Concertina Millie, Gentleman Jim,
     Ed Hause Band, Bryan O'Donnell Orchestra, Mike Schneider Band, Ron VanDenboom,
     and the Jeff Winard Band

Tom x 5 But Not Quite Live  (album)  PP5011
Released: 1997
Format: Audio cassette
Additional musician & vocalist: Ron VanDenboom
Polkalanis  (single)  PP5010
Released: 1997
Format: Audio cassette
Vocalist: Nichal Kelsch
Undercover  (album)  PP5008
Released: 1995
Format: Audio cassette
Additional musician: Eric Noltkamper
Additional vocalist: Jay Hoppe
Don't Shoot the Accordion Player  (album)  PP5003
Released: 1992
Format: Audio cassette
Generations Together  (album)  PP5002
Released: 1990
Format: Audio cassette
Additional musicians: Jim Brusky, Ed Hause, and Ron VanDenboom
Additional vocalists: Mark Truesdell, Kim VanDenboom, Ron VanDenboom
Song of Lecco  (album)  PP5001
Released: 1989
Format: Audio cassette

Radio & Licensing

Radio: If you are a radio DJ or IJ and would like to have Tom's music to play on your show, please submit an email with some basic information about your show. After your contact information and radio station affiliation have been verified, you will receive a link to download the music in high-quality MP3 format.

Licensing: Traditional polka bands/musicians may record covers of Tom Brusky's original songs without cost or permission, provided proper song credit is given and the total number of physical albums manufactured and/or downloads sold is 1,500 units or less. For all other licensing inquires, please email.


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