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Musical Tribute to Vic Gennerman

September 13, 2016

Milwaukee bandleader Keith Gennerman recently lost his father, and as a tribute, the guys in the band and I arranged a recording session at my studio to record "On a Lovely Hillside". It's a Slovenian folk song that Vic would sing with Keith when Keith's band was playing at the American Legion in Fox Lake, WI. We recorded the song last Monday and presented it to Keith and his family on Tuesday at the visitation in Lake Mills, WI.


Tom Brusky: Accordion, bass, piano, virtual instrumentation, and vocals
BB Carter: Drums
Dan Tutsch: Vocals
Mark Wenzlaff: Guitar and vocals

"On a Lovely Hillside" — trad. (adpt. B. Franka); Arr. T. Brusky; 2nd part adpt. K. Z. Vogt (2004); 3rd part F. Vadnal (1970) © Delgay Int'l Music

This song is provided for all to freely enjoy in remembrance of Vic Gennerman.

I Thought Toyotas Were Supposed to Be Reliable!
September 12, 2018

A couple years ago, I bought a Toyota (used, low miles) to use as a band vehicle thinking it wouldn't require as many major repairs as a domestic car. Boy, was I wrong:

   June 2016 - A/C: $685.00
   June 2016 - Wheel bearing: $410.00
   September 2017 - Wheel bearing: $450.00
   November 2017 - Exhaust: $150.00
   February 2018 - Front struts: $1,470.00
   March 2018 - Exhaust: $100.00
   April 2018 - Ignition coil: $525.00
   July 2018 - Front brakes: $470.00
   August 2018 - Transmission: $3,900


Golden Rule for Booking Oktoberfest Entertainment
August 10, 2018

Every year I write about how venues should book their Oktoberfest entertainment six to twelve months or more in advance. What I haven't written about, however, is how important it is to maintain those bookings. When you book a polka band for your Oktoberfest event, that band is 100% comitted to your event. That means they are turning down all other offers they're receiving for the same date. If you decide to un-hire the band, especially on short notice, you put every member of that band at risk of losing income.

The Saturdays from mid-September through mid-October are the "New Year's Eves" for polka bands. Booking a band for one of these dates is like hiring a band for New Year's Eve. Likewise, cancelling a band on short notice for one of these Saturdays is the equivalent of cancelling a New Year's Eve booking on short notice. It's a major no-no. You just don't do something like that, because the band is not only losing the income from your event, but every event they've turned down while they were committed to yours.

If you need to cancel a booking, INFORM THE BAND RIGHT AWAY so that they have as much time as possible to book another job for that same date.

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