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November 15 - My new EP in production is going well and nearing completion. Almost all of the tracks have been recorded. Over the next couple weeks, the project will enter the mixing stage and then be mastered for digital release in December. I won't yet say what kind of music is on this EP, but I will tell you the vocal performances on it are sensational.

October 5
- Since it came out in 2019, a pop tune I wrote called "Emergency" has always been my most-streamed song with over 18,000 confirmed plays to date. But when "Go Rest High on That Mountain" came out this summer to honor Steve Meisner, and Don Hunjadi shared the song on Steve's social media, the song quickly shot to the #1 spot with over 28,000 confirmed plays. What makes that achievement so unique is that I never released the song on any streaming platforms. Almost all 28,000 of those plays came from Meisner fans — a testament to Steve's legacy as one of the most renown and beloved musicians in the polka genre.

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