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Positively Polka
© Tom Brusky, 2020

Catalog #: PP5040
Released: June 15, 2018
Written, produced, and performed by: Tom Brusky
Additional musicians: David Austin, Ed Klancnik, Nathan Neuman,
     Eric Noltkamper, and Cliff Penniston

Betillo Arellano, David Austin, Abby Broeniman, Mollie Busta,
     and the Polkasound Studio Singers
Length: 46 minutes

Tom Brusky has returned to his polka roots to deliver this exciting collection of new, original music. As much as Tom enjoys writing and recording music in other genres, you'll find no foxtrots, country ballads, rhumbas, or pop standards here. That's the reason for the title, Positively Polka.
The bulk of the album is comprised of instrumental polkas and waltzes performed in the Slovenian/Cleveland-style, but you'll also hear a few other polka styles as well as some amazing vocal performances and unique arrangements. Some of the songs were originally written to be used as product demos for software instrument libraries. The rest were written specifically for this album.
Abby Broeniman and Mollie Busta are the featured guest vocalists. Abby is singing a beautiful waltz called Autumn in the Meadow, which was written and arranged specifically for her vocals. The song also features the lush sound of a 40-piece string ensemble. Likewise, two songs were arranged for Mollie's vocals, including the polka I'm in Love and the waltz To Fall in Love with You. The waltz is fully orchestrated with symphony strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion to give it a Disney-like sound. Joining Mollie on the waltz is Betillo Arellano, a talented, classically-trained vocal performance major from Illinois.
Abby and Mollie sing together with David Austin in three-part alpine volksmusik-style harmony on Going Back to Switzerland. If you're a fan of Slavko Avsenik's Oberkrainer music, you'll enjoy the uniqueness of this European-sounding song sung with English lyrics.
The Polkasound Studio Singers deliver a classic Yankovic-style vocal performance on Crystal's Balls, a whimsical song about a girl from Iowa and her balls, which she holds every Friday night.
What sets this album apart from other polka recordings is not just the 350 hours put into the production, but that the music is original. There are not many musicians in the Slovenian polka circuit writing polkas and waltzes these days, so Tom decided to bring new music into the circuit.

The only song on the album not composed by Tom is track #17, the Theme from CHiPs.

It is a copyright violation to record this music while it is playing over the internet. To legally obtain a copy of this music, please purchase a CD or download.

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1. I'm in Love
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2. Kerler Acres Polka

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3. Secret Affair Waltz

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4. Match Point Polka

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5. Crystal's Balls
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6. Dance of the Black Cats

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7. Root River Polka

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8. Golden Dollar Polka

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9. Autumn in the Meadow
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10. Corn Scramble

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11. Going Back to Switzerland
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12. Fine and Dandy

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13. Wind Lake Waltz

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14. Cold Spring Polka

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15. Layton Avenue Polka

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16. To Fall in Love with You
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17. Theme from CHiPs*

Not licensed for download
      Album of songs 1-16

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*Composed by John Carl Parker, 1977 © EMI Gold Horizon Music. Available on CD only.

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