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Country Christmas Collection (EP)
© Tom Brusky, 2020

Catalog #: PP5045
Released: November 29, 2019
Written, produced, and performed by: Tom Brusky
Guest vocalists: Christine Corless, Jay Isaacson, and Dawn Jones
Length: 17:30
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Over the summer and fall of 2019, Tom was busy in the studio writing and recording five new songs for the Christmas season. This time, however, he went country! What makes this collection of songs particularly unique is that each song represents a different era of country music [1940s, 1960s, 1970s, 1990s, and 2010s] and was painstakingly engineered and mixed to reflect the distinct sonic characteristics of its time.
This EP features three amazing, guest vocalists: Christine Corless (studio session singer from Nashville, Tennessee,) Jay Isaacson (Wisconsin-based pianist and singer,) and Dawn Jones (backup vocalist for a popular Midwest entertainer.)
1. A Christmas She'll Remember  (1940s)
Making a recording to sound 80 years old is no simple task! Ribbon mics, vintage-colored preamps, and a whole lot of creative software processing were used to intentionally degrade the audio of each track. The song is a simple story about an unaffluent yet gladsome man who meets the girl of his dreams and begins saving his money to buy her an engagement ring for Christmas.
2. Santa, Don't Sneeze!  (1960s)
Inspired by the AM radio-optimized Bakersfield sound of the 1960s with a little Western swing (and accordion!) mixed in, this whimsical song is about a boy who is so determined to get a new bike for Christmas, he implores Santa Claus to stay healthy so that he doesn't risk missing his ever-important, annual sleigh ride.
3. Fifteen More Miles  (1970s)
Performed by vocalist Dawn Jones and engineered with a warm, analog sound, Fifteen More Miles is a sentimental song about a loved one trekking her way back home to be with family and friends. Although the song is set in the 1800s before the age of the automobile, the message of the lyrics holds true today: No matter where life takes you, you can always come home for Christmas.
4. Angel of Christmas  (1990s)
Country music's popularity surged in the early 1990s as the genre took on a more contemporary, crossover sound. The poignant lyrics of this song, delivered by vocalist Jay Isaacson, concern the memories of loved ones at Christmas. Whose photo do you hang on your Christmas tree every year? As long as you remember them, they are always with you.
5. Christmas Shopping Fool  (2010s)
If your favorite holiday is Black Friday, this song is for you! It's a whimsical portrayal of one girl's take on the spirit of the holidays, which for her, is hitting all the Christmas sales and buying more than she can afford. Nashville session singer Christine Corless is the featured vocalist.

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1. A Christmas She'll Remember
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2. Santa, Don't Sneeze!
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3. Fifteen More Miles
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4. Angel of Christmas
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5. Christmas Shopping Fool
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