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I'm Yours (single)
© Tom Brusky, 2023

Catalog #: PP5056
Released: May 5, 2023
Written, produced, and performed by: Tom Brusky
Featuring: Samantha Laine
Length: 3:47

Tom Brusky likes listening to music. He also like cheese. Somewhere along the way he must have learned how to pair the two together because this song is truly "cheesy listening!"

I'm Yours is a melancholy ballad that was originally intended to have a country-cosmopolitan sound, but as production progressed, Tom decided to push the arrangement closer to a sound reminiscent of adult contemporary pop from the 1960s. Even the
artwork was designed to look like an old album cover from that era.

Samantha Laine of Montreal, Quebec lends her wonderfully old-school soul to this song.


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 I'm Yours
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